Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Arbella Group, Massachusetts Team on Safe Driving

The Arbella Insurance Group Charitable Foundation announced a partnership with Lt. Gov. Timothy Murray and state and local officials to launch a public safety campaign designed to protect the citizens of Massachusetts from the tragic consequences of drunk driving. Arbella is the title sponsor of Lt. Gov. Murray's Good to Drive? safety program.

Last year, there were nearly 200 drunk driving related fatalities in Massachusetts. The goal of this program is to support a person's decision to become a designated driver.

"We are all touched by this tragedy. At Arbella, we see the devastating impact of drunk driving far too frequently -- in our community, in our own families and in the claims our companies handle," said John Donohue, president and CEO of Arbella Insurance Group. "We also see a ray of hope -- that the right kind of designated driver programs do work and have measurable results. We are pleased to partner with the Lieutenant Governor and support this program because it is well designed, and has the potential to change this risky behavior through a combination of education and reward."

Arbella will be joined by COMCAST, the Massachusetts Restaurant Association and the Retailers Association of Massachusetts in the sponsorship of this effort. Together, they and more than 100 local restaurants and bars in Boston and Worcester will display the "Good to Drive?" decals and posters to show support for the Designated Driver. The bars and restaurants will also offer free soft drinks and water to all individuals who show the "Good to Drive?" key card to servers during the hours of 8 pm - 2 am.

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