Friday, June 6, 2008

BestWeek: Insurance Issues Divide McCain, Obama

The leading presidential contenders cast identical votes on eight out of 15 bills that involved issues of major importance to insurers. Find out where Senators Barack Obama and John McCain agree and disagree on industry issues in an exclusive report in the
June 9 issue of BestWeek.

Also, in BestWeek Europe:

Insurance online price comparison sites are likely to grow to a billion pounds in premium a year, as they appeal to U.K. consumers. Given that growth, the British Insurance Broker Association is taking an “If you can't beat ‘em, join ‘em” attitude toward the interlopers.

Also, in BestWeek U.S./Canada:

The superinflated commodities market that is driving the agricultural insurance market is creating unprecedented opportunities for private insurers and reinsurers to write more lucrative business.

And in both editions of BestWeek:

The Best’s Global Insurance Composite Index finished the week of June 5 down 16% from a year ago. The composite index reflects the performance of 168 insurance stocks. The week’s top stocks, dominated by Asian insurers, were Greenlight Capital Re, Nipponkoa Insurance, Aioi Insurance, Sompo Japan Insurance and LIG Insurance. The bottom five stocks were Independence Holding, Affirmative Insurance Holdings, Beazley Group, Atlantic American and Kingsway Financial Services.

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flagstaff car insurance said...

One of these parties has typically been anti-insurance and the other pro-insurance. Not everything done against insurance companies lowers the rates. For example, if they are not allowed to use credit scoring rates probably will go up, at least that's what insurers say. If credit scoring helps them provide better prices, would would the opposite not be true?