Thursday, June 12, 2008

Ensurapet Offering Yellow Cross Insurance

Ensurapet Inc., a provider of pet health insurance, noted the completion and launch of its new trademarked product Yellow Cross Insurance.

Yellow Cross Insurance is a major medical pet plan exclusively for EnsurApet veterinary hospital partners. Plans provide lifetime protection, 100% coverage on veterinary services after an annual deductible, and immediate payment at the time of service by the insurance company.

The result is that pet owners will no longer have to pay the entire veterinary bill upfront at the time of service and wait for reimbursement, which commonly can take as long as 60-days. With a Yellow Cross plan, pet owners will merely pay their portion of the veterinary bill and the insurance plan will take care of the rest.

Russell Smith, CEO of Ensurapet stated Common conditions such as hip dysplasia, which is a big concern among large breed dog owners and among the highest rated reasons for purchasing pet insurance, have long been deemed a congenital condition and excluded by almost every pet insurance policy. Other pet insurance plans have stringent preexisting clauses, for example, one providers policy states that benefits terminate at the end of the policy period even if treatments are ongoing into the renewal policy period. These are just a few of the countless product shortcomings that have compromised product loyalty by pet owners and veterinarians.

This product gives our veterinary partners a competitive advantage over other hospitals in that they shall be the only source of this truly worthwhile pet healthcare plan for pet owners. The benefit to Ensurapet is greater market share penetration and the lowest policy acquisition cost of any pet insurance provider.

Ensurapet has designed and modeled their internet enabled software platform to implement payment at the time of service for policyholders. The integration is seamless and requires little to no change in the current checkout procedures by veterinary hospitals. Plans will only be available through the companys hospital partners.

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