Thursday, June 5, 2008

Travelers Assisting Storm Victims in D.C. Area

Travelers has mobilized its Catastrophe Response Team to assist policyholders affected by the severe storms that impacted Washington D.C., Baltimore and Northern Virginia. One woman died Wednesday when a tree landed on a vehicle in the Washington suburb of Annandale.

Two Mobile Claim Headquarters have also been dispatched to the area. The Mobile Claim Headquarters are custom-built RVs designed to operate as insurance claim offices and are staffed to provide claim services immediately following a disaster including issuing checks to policyholders on the spot. The Mobile Claim Headquarters assist customers unable to report their claim by telephone or those people needing more immediate, additional claim services. Up-to-date Mobile Claim Headquarters locations can be found at

Our priority is to promptly deploy additional resources so our customers recover from these storms as quickly as possible, said Ray Stone, vice president of catastrophe operations for Travelers. The Travelers Catastrophe Team will be onsite assisting the local teams already in the area which expedites the claim process for our customers.

Travelers claim professionals are available to receive customer claims 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


  • Home and Auto Claims: 800.CLAIM33 (800.252.4633)
  • Business Claims: 800.238.6225

For customers experiencing a loss as a direct result of this storm, Travelers suggests reporting the loss promptly by calling the appropriate number above after ensuring everyones safety. Other tips to help customers get through the difficult time of a loss include:

  • Protect property from further damage by arranging for reasonable temporary repairs as soon as possible. For example, if windows are broken, have them boarded up to protect the home and property against vandalism or weather damage.
  • Keep an accurate record of all temporary repair expenses (e.g., bills and/or material receipts) so it can be added to the amount of your claim. Also, keep an accurate record of any and all expenses incurred to be considered for possible reimbursement. Please do not make any permanent repairs until the insurance adjuster has had a chance to review the damage.
  • Determine the damage to personal property (contents). Make a written list of what was damaged. To be as accurate as possible, please include the manufacturer, brand name and the place and date of purchase.
  • Work with legitimate contractors to get through the repair process. Unfortunately, during catastrophes, there are some people that try to take advantage of the situation. Make sure any contractors engaged are fully licensed and insured.

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arizona auto insurance said...

The National Weather Service is predicting record tornado's and storms in the midwest. It's going to be a busy time for claims adjusters. Sorry about those who are affected by the storms.