Monday, July 20, 2009


( Rates By State, a new online report released last week by, gives consumers an inside view to home insurance rate trends across the country.

The report offers average home insurance premium data for 38 U.S. states based on actual sold policies in each area. The current report is displaying average rates as recent as May 2009, along with insurance shopping trends during the same period.

The report's interactive, color-coded map displays red for states with recent rate increases and green for states where home insurance rates have dropped, showing also the rate of increase and decrease for each.

While Rates By State currently only reports on actual premiums in 38 states, intends to begin reporting in all 50 US states by the end of the year. has recently begun selling property insurance to Florida, Louisiana, South Dakota, West Virginia, Wyoming and coastal areas of South Carolina. An auto insurance report is in the works as well.

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