Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Golden Eagle Insurance, a Liberty Mutual Agency Markets regional company, is offering California commercial fleets Onboard Advisor, a first-of-its-kind fleet management solution that helps companies increase fleet safety and productivity, save on commercial auto insurance premiums, and much more.

Onboard Advisor’s Insurance Advisor component rewards safe fleet management with an average discount of 15% in the first year with a Golden Eagle Insurance commercial auto policy, and a maximum discount of up to 40% based on fleet performance in renewal years. Companies can start saving immediately with Onboard Advisor because there are no upfront fees for the hardware and installation, and only a low monthly per-unit service fee for the fully integrated fleet management solution. Advisor uses onboard sensors to identify unsafe driving and inefficient fuel economy and scores each vehicle. Color-coded icons show exactly what driving behaviors contributed to high, medium, or low risks during all vehicle trips. This allows managers to pinpoint driving behavior and improve safety and fuel efficiency.

To learn more, go to http://www.onboardadvisor.com/ or call (877) 803-5338.

  • Zenith National Insurance Corp. announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, Zenith Insurance Company, filed new workers’ comp rates today with the California Department of Insurance. The new rates will go into effect in California starting July 1, 2009 and represent an average increase of 4.0% when compared to rates in effect since Jan. 1, 2009. Rates charged to employers are also affected by changes in experience modification factors and net credits and debits applied to individual accounts.

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