Wednesday, June 11, 2008

ICW Group Enhances Florida Condo Market Coverage

ICW Group, a group of insurers, enhanced its Commercial Property insurance to provide expanded coverage to the Florida condo market. ICW Group will now consider condos of up to 25 years of age and has lowered their minimum account size to $5,000 annually.

Reaching out to underserved markets with enhanced programs provide ICW Group's agent and broker partners with more coverage options for their clients. The changes in ICW Group provide flexible options in coverage terms through an admitted market while providing superior service to our clients," said Louis Giolzetti, home office underwriting manager.

Through its admitted carriers, ICW Group's Commercial Property line provides broad coverage terms such as $1 million in EQSL, building ordinance B&C and optional Systems Breakdown on an X-Wind basis. Eligible condo properties include those already in the State Wind Pool and without EFIS construction.

For more information on ICW Group's Commercial Property products, contact Giolzetti, at 858.350.2533 or

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