Monday, June 16, 2008

Simsol Offering New Software Product for Claims

Simsol announced the official release of its new, web-based contents valuation software product, Simsol ContentsClaims.

John Postava, president of Simsol, stated, "We are very proud that after almost three years of product design, development and testing, ContentsClaims(tm) is now available for use by the general adjusting public. The ContentsClaims(tm) personal property claims solution will revolutionize the way adjusters and contents specialists handle personal property losses. Adjusters and policyholders can assist one another by collaborating over the web to inventory their lost or damaged items and quickly determine accurate values based on real-time pricing from our database of over seven million items or from virtually any website in the world.''

Adjusters using ContentClaims(tm) can search more than seven million personal property items catalogued in the software's database. The internal database is updated every 72 hours. Difficult-to-find items may be searched for on the web directly from inside the system, and all web data is captured for use in the final inventory of loss.

"Insurance carriers no longer have to rely on specialized contents valuation services who use proprietary software to produce detailed inventory reports.'' Postava continued, "Now their staff adjusters have a tool to do virtually the same thing without having to go to the added expense of a third party service.''

In addition to offering ContentsClaims(tm) to claims professionals, the company plans to heavily market the product to insurance agents and homeowners who may want to inventory their homes prior to sustaining a loss.

"If a homeowner would take a few hours to photograph and inventory his or her home prior to a fire or some other type of catastrophe,'' said Postava, "the system can automatically produce a full personal property estimate for the adjuster and the homeowner. Prices for many of the items are automatically updated for the homeowner, and any missing values can be researched by the adjuster using the advanced search tools in the product. Homeowners are assured the most up-to-date pricing for the valuables, and adjusters are no longer burdened with spending hours confirming prices.''

Planned future enhancements will allow the inventory generated by the software to be imported into the company's structural estimating and claim documentation software product, Simsol for Adjusters(tm) in order to provide insurance carriers with a single, unified property loss report.

To learn more about Simsol ContentsClaims(tm) or any of the other products offered by the company, contact Bob Djordjevic, Simsol's national sales representative, at 1-800-447-4676 x328.

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