Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Mitratech, a provider of collaborative accountability and legal operations management software, has expanded the scope of its Insurance Claims Litigation Solution Framework.

The framework, based on the TeamConnect platform, has been in use at major insurers for more than 20 years. The new edition includes upgraded capabilities for litigation trend analysis and fraud detection.

TeamConnect's Insurance Claims Litigation Solution Framework is designed to provide claims managers with accurate, real time data on how claims are being litigated across a large claims organization. This practical intelligence about claims enables improved productivity for the claims department, which contributes to an improved expense ratio for the carrier. By helping staff attorneys gain a better understanding of effective claims defense practices, as well as detecting fraud, the framework helps narrow the carrier's loss ratio.

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  • Philadelphia Insurance Companies (PHLY) has recently rolled out two new products, Pest Control and Security Services "The Guardian.

  • Pest control eligible classes include operators specializing in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings who have a minimum of four years in the industry and a workforce of less than 50 employees. Security Service eligible classes include armed and unarmed security services, alarm monitoring and installation services, security consultants, armored car services and personal security for executives.

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