Wednesday, February 25, 2009

European Insurer Asset Management Survey Out

Insurance Finance & Investment, published by WorldTrade Executive Inc., in partnership with Patpatia Associates announced the publication of a new survey of asset management practices of European insurance companies and money management firms entitled IFI European Insurance Asset Manager Annual Survey.

IFI European Insurance Asset Manager Annual Survey provides comprehensive, hard-to-find details on asset managers specializing in managing European insurance company investments. The report highlights each manager's expertise in the insurance marketplace and details qualitative aspects of the manager's business model and core competency.

Some of the details provided include:

  • Organization Overview ... including ownership, and client profile
  • Total Assets under Management ... with detailed breakdowns on asset class and region
  • Global Business Operations ... including asset distribution and international client base
  • Investment Capabilities ... including strategies, products, as well as total assets under management
  • Insurance Practice Overview ... with specifics on how long each firm has been managing insurance assets, total insurance assets under management, number of third party clients, and client distribution by size and geography
  • Full Contact Information ... with corporate information and insurance-specific contacts

The Survey is designed to be a tool for insurance companies when selecting a third party manager.

Also available is a U.S. report, which provides a detailed profiling of nearly 50 insurance asset managers, and the practices of over 350 insurance companies are evaluated.

More information about the IFI European Insurance Asset Manager Annual Survey is available at

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