Thursday, February 26, 2009

Van Gilder Deploys ProspX Solution

ProspX Inc., a provider in sales collaboration and automation solutions for the commercial insurance industry, announced that Van Gilder, one of the largest independent insurance brokers in the United States, has selected the ProspX platform to help automate sales processes and increase overall sales productivity. Van Gilder ( plans to deploy the ProspX solution, beginning with Van Gilder’s headquarters in Denver.

“Because software alone cannot improve sales productivity, we needed a solution that would take customer relationship management and sales force automation capabilities to the next level said,” said John Casper, president and COO, of Van Gilder. “We selected the ProspX platform because it will give us, for the first time, the ability to integrate a formal sales process into an easy-to-use automation technology. ProspX will allow us to effectively capture and duplicate the best practices and methodologies of our top sales professionals, changing the way we drive new revenue.”

As a $500 billion a year market, the commercial insurance industry provides services for hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide. To improve the flow of business for these customers, ProspX ( has developed a collaborative online Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application platform designed to help commercial insurance agents, brokers and carriers accelerate the selling process.

“In order to replicate success, it’s important to give brokers the tools they need to foster collaboration and the sharing of knowledge tied to the commercial insurance selling process,” said Todd Young, president and CEO of ProspX. “ProspX was designed with this principal in mind and we’re excited to have an industry leader like Van Gilder embrace our technology.”

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