Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Combustion Safety Inc., a provider in combustion and combustion equipment safety, is now providing the world’s first Twitter service to keep people informed about important safety and risk events occurring throughout the world.

Insurance industry personnel, risk managers, EH&S managers and anyone else involved with boilers, ovens, furnaces thermal oxidizers and fuel delivery systems including natural gas pipelines will now have a tool that will instantly inform them about incidents that occur throughout the world. The company will also tweet about important equipment related issues like safety recalls and warnings about potential safety and operational issues having to do with gas valves, pressure switches, flame safety devices and other critical control components.

To subscribe go to**http%3A// and enter “CombustSafety” in the find people search area.

The firm’s Web site,**http%3A// provides information on programs to enhance safety, efficiency and reliability of fuel fired equipment. The company does safety assessments and retrofits of fuel fired equipment throughout the world for multinational companies.

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