Thursday, June 25, 2009


Home Emergency Insurance Solutions, a provider of home emergency repair programs, will be offering their protection program directly to select area homeowners in Southern California.

The water service line is the pipe that brings freshwater into a home and is the homeowner's responsibility to maintain it. On most properties, this line starts from the curb or well casing of the property and goes all the way into the home connecting to the water heater, sinks, showers and more. Temperature changes, shifting soil or the age of the line can all be causes of damage. Many times this will result in a loss of water pressure or a loss of water altogether for cooking, bathing and other household needs. In other instances, effects will not be noticed until there is a spike in the water bill due to leakage under the yard.

Accredited by the Better Business Bureau, Home Emergency Insurance Solutions is able to offer emergency solutions that protect homeowners from the hassle and expense of unexpected repairs.

Home Emergency Insurance Solutions will be offering Water Service Line Protection Insurance via a direct mail campaign offering consumers thousands of dollars in coverage for a low monthly fee. When enrolled in the program, customers have access to a 24-hour emergency hotline that will dispatch a Home Emergency Insurance Solutions contractor to make any necessary repairs at the home.

Home Emergency Insurance Solutions, has established a locally based network of licensed and qualified contractors to serve the area. Every contractor is fully screened, assessed and trained before joining the Home Emergency Insurance Solutions network and making repairs at the policy holder's home.

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  • Lawson-Hawks Insurance Associates Inc., a regional independent broker based in Mountain View, California, announced the acquisition of the Truckee, California Insurance Agency.

    Additionally, Lawson-Hawks will open a Reno, Nevada office so that it can bring its services into the Nevada marketplace.

  • Founded in 1937, Lawson-Hawks is a national independent insurance brokerage representing a vast array of insurance carriers and providing risk management, commercial and personal lines insurance, association programs, retirement planning and employee benefits to over seventy-five-thousand global customers. Lawson-Hawks ( currently maintains other regional offices in Sacramento, Monterey, Modesto, San Francisco, Irvine and San Rafael. For more information, contact Jon Hilgers at (650) 237-3023 or via email at

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