Friday, June 12, 2009


Crawford & Company has successfully deployed Mobile ClaimHub as a key supporting technology of its Centralized Claims Program for Vehicle Services.

Introduced in 2008, Mobile ClaimHub is used throughout the United States by hundreds of insurance adjusters. Crawford Central's total claim management program coordinates call intake and claim triage; field assignment and management of the claim process; and review of field work, among other services.

Mobile ClaimHu is a locally-installed version of ClaimHub's claim management application -- ClaimHub for Auto -- giving users in the field the ability to access all of the existing functionality of the current web-based application, while disconnected from the Internet. For example, there is full capability for the quality approval rules engine to run locally while the field appraiser completes the appraisal. The field appraiser will know immediately if the estimate meets the quality/service rules of the insurance carrier without the need to make any phone calls or to find a wireless connection to the Internet.

ClaimHub for Auto is a web-based claims management workflow solution that automatically reformats carriers' claim system data to populate a template that is transmitted to third-party service providers. This solution enables carriers, agents and service providers to make fast and virtually effortless two-way exchanges of all claim information -- including driver and police accident reports, digital photos, estimates, repair progress reports and invoices -- all without reprogramming their existing claims management systems.

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