Friday, June 5, 2009


An Illinois business has been closed down for failure to reportedly obtain workers' compensation insurance.

The Illinois Workers' Compensation Commission and the City of Evanston shut down All Good Dogs Pet Care, also known as The Hungry Pup, an Evanston storefront at 941 Chicago Avenue, with dog-walkers in six suburbs.

Four individuals have filed workers' comp claims against the company. Two individuals have been found eligible for workers' comp, but the employer has reportedly not paid any benefits.

  • Ohio Department of Insurance Director Mary Jo Hudson announced that a permanent Cease and Desist order was issued against the Association of Franchise and Independent Distributors (AFID) of Springfield, Ohio for reportedly selling health insurance products in Ohio without a license. Additionally, the Department held a final hearing regarding the Cease and Desist order against The Beema Insurance Company of Pakistan.

A Department investigation revealed that neither AFID nor The Beema Insurance Company have a license to sell insurance products in Ohio. AFID had been facilitating the sale of health insurance policies allegedly underwritten by The Beema Insurance Company. The Ohio Department of Insurance has referred the matter to Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray for further investigation. The North Carolina Department of Insurance has already issued a cease and desist order against both entities as well.

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