Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Blog on Auto Collision-Repair, Insurance Goes Live

A new blog focusing on the auto collision-repair and insurance industries was launched today by Scene Genesis, a technology company serving both industries.

Called "scene it all," the blog is online at http://sceneexchange.typepad.com/scene_it_all/blog_index.html.

"Our SceneExchange product involves insurers, collision repair shops and consumers -- so we're in a unique place to hear about changes, trends and concerns in industries that work together but don't always keep tabs on each other," said CEO Ian Cunningham.

The blog will give the firm's knowledgeable industry veterans a forum to share what they see, hear and learn, and give readers insight into creating industry-changing technology.

The June 10 entry comes from Switzerland. Cunningham is attending the elite International Bodyshop Information Symposium (IBIS) in Montreux and will give daily updates as IBIS gets in full swing.

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