Tuesday, July 1, 2008

GEICO Unveils New Michigan Auto Rate Plan

GEICO is introducing a new auto insurance rate plan that is expected to deliver insurance savings to many Michigan drivers.

GEICO is pleased to release a new rating plan that will offer the opportunity for millions of Michigan drivers to compare and save on their auto insurance premiums, said Mary Zarcone, regional vice president of GEICOs Midwest operations. As one of the largest and fastest growing auto insurance companies in the Unites States, GEICO stands ready to meet the insurance needs of the good people of Michigan.

Zarcone continued, In addition, we are introducing a number of new discounts with the plan that rewards good drivers. Simply go to www.geico.com to obtain a free rate quote.

The changes will go into effect on July 3 for new policyholders and Oct. 1 for renewal policies.

Overall premium changes for individual motorists will vary based upon factors such as coverages purchased, geographic area, type of vehicle, risk characteristics, and other discounts for which they qualify.

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